Do you truly understand how machine learning works?

I’m not a data scientist or an expert on algorithms and machine learning. But I find the field immensely fascinating and have spent many hours the last year understanding how it works.

I wanted to post some of my learnings and why I think a profound understanding of machine learning is a new required skill for executives. Having a strong CIO is not enough, executives need a strong reference to the technology to identify use cases and understand the importance of building a data acquisition strategy.

However, this video is doing a much better job that I can.

In the video, Risto Siilasmaa who is founder of F-Secure and chairman of Nokia shares his view on machine learning and why a good intuition of machine learning is important

The video is long (1hour) but I think it is time well invested. He begins with 2 questions to the audience

  • Who thinks that machine learning will be one of the basic technologies we will build the future on? (all hands up)
  • How many of you truly understand how machine learning works? (few hands up)

And then asking why we don’t we take the trouble to learn something we believe is fundamental for our future?

After a rather technical introduction to machine learning models and how neural network works he summaries with a strategy process and 5 steps to follow:

  1. Spread understanding
  2. Create a data strategy
  3. Build competence
  4. Use for efficiency and quality
  5. Build intelligence into your products

Go get a good cup of coffee and enjoy the video.