Machine Learning Specialist

Job Description

Do you often have heated arguments about whether to use L1 or L2 regularization? Or which learning rate decay to use in a Stochastic Gradient Descent? Then you have found the right place to not only discuss, but to make and implement these decisions for solving real-world problems.

You will join our team as a machine learning specialist working on our new distributed machine learning platform. One of your main duties will be to work on the distributed learning algorithm ensuring that it performs at optimal levels, both in terms of prediction accuracy and training speed.

You will also be working on more domain-specific assignments when setting up the platform for specific customer use cases and, finally, as key team member, you will be involved in building the company culture.

You should be passionate about software craftsmanship and have a mindset that building software is a collaborative endeavour. Because you will be setting the standard for the future development team.


  • You have a MSc or Ph.D. in machine learning or other related field (e.g. computer vision or natural language processing)
  • You have experience with relevant programming languages (e.g. Python, C++ and Scala)
  • You have experience with relevant tools (e.g. scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras and Deeplearning4j)
  • You have experience in solving real-world problems using machine learning.
  • Besides your interest in ML and AI, you love it when the source code shines and is well tested
  • You actively seek to learn about new methods in either machine learning models, machine learning use cases or the architecture surrounding ML products.


  • You have experience in building highly scalable systems with microservices and Docker containers.
  • It is a plus (but not a must) if you have experience with cryptography, secure multiparty computation and/or distributed computing.


We believe that it takes great and happy people to deliver a great product and understand that quality doesn’t come cheap. We offer

  • A competitive salary and possibility for equity.
  • Collaboration is core to our culture.  We believe in great autonomy and responsibility of your work, but also understand that great products emerge from the collective effort and entire team.
  • Our technology domain is fast-moving, and you will join a culture of continual learning. Everything from specialized courses, industry events to company whiteboard talks will continuously improve your skills and ensure you stay up to date
  • We reside at Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (DCAKI) where you will join an inspiring community of likeminded with profound knowledge within the newest AI and cryptography technologies.
  • Cruncher machine of your choice.
  • And all the rest (lunch, mobile phone and internet)

Reach out

The position is full time and is based in our offices in Copenhagen. If you are the right candidate for this position, don’t hesitate to reach out and send us any information you think we should know about you (e.g. resumé, LinkedIn, Github link, etc.).

Use the contact link below or send directly to CTO, Andreas Hjortgaard Danielsen at or call on +45 23 42 51 26.

About Collektive

Collektive was founded early 2017 with a mission to enable machine learning without compromising privacy. We are a platform for data scientists and developers. By applying machine learning where data is generated (or reside) we help businesses to collaborate and build machine learning models in a privacy preserving environment.

People are the heart of our business you will play an important role in our collective success. You will join a team of hardworking and entrepreneurial thinking people and we all share an ambitious mindset in finding new ways to solve hard problems.