Collektive was founded early 2017 by the two family members Andreas and Christian Hjortgaard.

Andreas Hjortgaard

Andreas is co-founder and CTO. He holds a Master of Science (MSc) in computer science and with his strong passion for machine learning and algorithm development, he has developed machine learning solutions for a wide variety of industries. With this experience in mind, he co-founded Collektive and is heading the product development.

+45 2342 5126

Christian Hjortgaard

Christian is co-founder and CEO. He is an entrepreneur who co-founded his first technology company in 2003 which was sold in 2015. With Collektive and his passion for technology and digitalization he is determined to help businesses build machine learning services that create real business value.

+45 2516 2102

We are a platform for IT and developers

By applying machine learning where data is generated (or reside) we help businesses to collaborate and build machine learning models in a privacy preserving environment.

Turning challenges into opportunities

We see the impact of machine learning in almost every area of a company and help organizations foster and build new innovative products. We understand how algorithms are inferior without data and we are addressing some of the hard challenges related to limited data and privacy.

A strong community

We are part of Danish Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence where we work side by side with like-minded peers within machine learning, cryptography and other technology domains.

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